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Army Makes It Easier for Sergeants To Become Officers

Army increases ability to make Sergeants into Officers...looks like the Army is going to depend on OCS to keep it's Officer strength up (need 300 2LTs).

Army, needing 2nd lieutenants, speeds process for NCOs to become officers
By Lisa Burgess, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Friday, June 10, 2005

ARLINGTON, Va. — Facing an urgent requirement to field an additional 300 second lieutenants in 2006, Army officials have decided to make it easier for nontraditional officer candidates to enter that career track.

Two-star generals now can sign waivers that would allow Officer Candidate School admission for NCOs who are older than 30 or who may have minor criminal or military offenses on their records, according to a memo sent to Army leaders on May 25.
To meet its immediate requirement for officers, the Army also is shifting the student load from ROTC programs and West Point to the officer school: Instead of the Army’s original goal of graduating 1,000 new officers from OCS next year, the new goal is 1,400.

With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan making recruiting a challenge, Army officials hope streamlining the OCS waiver process will convince their battle-hardened NCO cadre to consider the officer ranks.

“The leadership and combat experience soldiers are receiving today in Iraq and Afghanistan are huge assets that we need to leverage as much as possible,” Hilferty said. “We think our great young NCOs would make great young officers.”

NCOs who are interested in taking advantage of the Army’s waiver streamlining program should act fast, because the program officially ends October 2006, according to the May 25 message.

For more details on the OCS waiver, go to MILPER message 05-129 at

So, all you NCOs who have thought about becoming an Officer, here's your chance.