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An Apology

Senator Dick Durbin offered an apology today.  You can see the video over at The Political Teen.

Many are calling the apology "heartfelt".  Many are calling it too little, too late.

I'm with Teresa on this one...

In my opinion, once Al Jazeera picked it up and ran with it, the damage was done.  Oh sure, there will be quite a few who will claim that the FBI report was true and, therefore, Durbin's words were true.  Time will tell about that.

But in the information age, you would think that a Senator would not have his head up his ass about what his words will mean halfway around the world.  I believe he knew what he was doing.  And it's all politics over winning this war.

That is unless Dick Durbin is stupid and a poor student of history and has no understanding of what the Nazi's did.  If that's the case and since he's in DC, then he should walk his ass over to the Holocaust Museum and see the @#$%ing difference...