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When Hunting "Nixons" Helps The Enemy

First, get on over to Mudville and read Greyhawk's Two Awards post.  Dan Rather and Co. still have a lot to answer for...and Greyhawk explores why one award means more than the other.

So what is the fixation of some of the MSM to run over troops or people and push phony stories?

Austin Bay nails the essence of events like the Newsweek scandal time and time again...a lot of the Main Stream Media is still trying to get themselves "a Nixon"...Be sure to read his column.

And if you wonder what a combat soldier in Iraq thinks of the scandal, go read Ma Deuce Gunner.  Yeah, they're not really happy with Newsweek.

So, how do you do battle with a media giant?  Blogs are one way.  Love is another.

Mustang 23 (in Iraq)  who has a great "must read" story from Karen of Adopt-A-Platoon.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of people dedicated to making sure that the treatment of our soldiers is not an echo of the Viet Nam era. 

And to make that point a little stronger, here's a letter that Willie (a German citizen and Soldiers' Angel) received from a Marine:

May 7, 2005

Dear Wilhelmine

My name is Alex Sargent and I am a corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Many months ago, while in the hospital recovering from a combat injury, I received your letter. Although my period of healing has been long and the skies have yet to clear up for me, I can say most assuredly that I wouldn’t be the same without the support and appreciation of people like you. You’ve affirmed me that my sacrifice, and even graver sacrifices of some I cared deeply for, have not gone unnoticed. I know your letter was one of gratitude; a thanks for what I did. Your support was invaluable to my healing.

Thank you.


Alexander Sargent

During a sweep of houses during the Battle of Fallujah, Corporal Sargent and two other Marines (his good friends) entered a building that had been searched the day before.  A hidden terrorist killed Sargent's team-mates and severely wounded him.  They were members of the Thundering Third.  While Sargent passed through Germany on his way home to be treated for his wounds, Willie and other angels ensured he had a backpack (complete with clean clothes, quilt, pillow, etc.) with a note of thanks in it.

So, while some of the MSM continues to hunt for Viet Nam scandals and nail their Nixons (no matter if the truth or the troops are in the way), there are a lot of good people out there, a lot of good people around the world and in the MSM, ensuring that does not reflect on the men and women defending us.