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The Case For Ilario Pantano - Part 7 - Murder Charges Dropped

Murder charges dropped against Lieutenant Pantano.

It's over.  Pantano wants to return to a combat unit - which is surprising after all the crap that he's been through (you'd think he'd want nothing more to do with the Corps).  After all, there was a chance he could get the Death Penalty from the organization that he loves.

Now, I can finally say that I know Marines who served with Pantano and I know Marines currently serving with Coburn.  I know Marines who Commanded Pantano.  While I keep seeing comment spam from a mother of a Marine who claims that her son went to The Basic School with Pantano and states that he was a problem there (never verified), every single one of them support Pantano.  Every. Single. One.

The ones that I know would follow Pantano to hell and back.

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