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The Case For Ilario Pantano - Part 5

Here's an update from the hearing on whether there should be a Court Martial trial or not:

Recommendation delayed in Pantano case

Associated Press

The officer who presided over a pretrial hearing for a Marine suspected in the murder of two Iraqis expects to recommend this week whether the case goes forward for a court martial, a military spokesman said Monday.

Lt. Col. Mark E. Winn had been given a week after the close of the hearing April 30 to send his recommendation to Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, but requested an extension, Marine spokesman 2nd Lt. Barry Edwards said. Huck will review the recommendation and decide how to continue...

Don't know what this means other than possibly waiting a bit for the media furor over American culpability (por ejemplo, the Marine who shot the unarmed terrorist and the Sgrena Rescue shooting) dies down.

Expect a ruling too late to reach national news (6:30PM Eastern) tonight or tomorrow.

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