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Syria Stops Cooperating (When the Heck Did They Start Cooperating?)

Syria Halts Cooperation with U.S.

...Imad Moustapha told CNN that Syria's decision came in the wake of recent "unfair and inaccurate" statements by U.S. officials that Damascus was allowing foreign fighters to cross Syria's border to aid in the insurgency in Iraq.

"This is actually the state of the affairs. Today, we are not cooperating with the United States," Moustapha told CNN's Wolf Blitzer...

...U.S. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said U.S. officials had met with Syrians on an array of issues -- from cutting off suspected terror financing to stopping Iraqi border infiltration -- but Damascus "didn't carry through in any consistent way."

"We look for them to take real action," Boucher said. "We look for them to cooperate in practical terms with us and especially with neighbors like Iraq."...

So far, not much is changing.  Syria is having hissy fits because our media is reporting that they are not very good at cooperation...and apparently they aren't very good at hiding what they are doing.

For the State Department, our diplomatic service not known for taking tough stances, to lay the cards on the table, no bluffs, and just call it like is...well, let's just say Syria's complicity in Iraq's woes is probably much greater than we think.