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Strikeout for the Troops Update

Tony in Boulder sends the following update about Baseball pitchers supporting our troops:

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and Cleveland Indians pitcher CC Sabathia Team with Barry Zito in Strikeouts For Troops To Help Wounded U.S. Military

All Star Pitchers Pledge Funds Through 2005 Season; Encourage Other Major League Baseball Players to Help Provide "Comforts of Home"

Oakland, CA May 4, 2005 -- Oakland Athletics pitcher Barry Zito, founder of "StrikeoutsForTroops," a national program which provides some "comforts of home" and also assists with family travel and housing expenses for service members who are being treated at military hospitals, has been joined by six-time All Star pitcher Curt Schilling of the World Champion Boston Red Sox and two-time All Star pitcher CC Sabathia of the Cleveland Indians on the Strikeouts For Troops roster. Schilling and Sabathia are the first two Major League Baseball players to officially join in the effort.

"Many of our war-wounded are recovering in hospitals far from home and family - I saw this first hand when I recently had the honor of visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center and spent time with the injured service members," said Barry Zito. "These are the true heroes in uniform."...

You can read the whole press release here.