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Sergeant Bozik and a Model Tee - Sergeant Bozik Update 13

Received an email from Sergeant Joey Bozik's mother, Gail, yesterday about  getting some help to continue to play his favorite sport, Golf.

Joey received the adaptive golf cart from California on Saturday, 5-07-05 at Timbers at Troy Golf Course, Elkridge, Maryland.  It was delivered by Yellow Freight and donated by a collection of loving people from California.  It is called "Model Tee".  Joey is very excited about getting on the course.  Pray about his left stump as it may have to be amputated in the near future.  Thanks for your continued love and support.

So make sure to pray for Joey and thank you to Juanita and Carol in California!  Here are some pictures of Joey checking out the "Model Tee" (click on the thumbnails for larger versions):



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