Michael Yon Talks About The Children Murdered By Terrorists

New Mass Graves Uncovered In Iraq


The video (linked to) below was taken on May 3rd.  The majority of the Iraqis in the mass grave were Kurdish women and children who were butchered.

CAUTION: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES. A mass grave was recently discovered in the southern Iraqi province of Muthanna. The grave is considered to be damning evidence against former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and members of his regime. Soundbites are from Dr. Bakhtiar Amin, the former Iraqi Minister for Human Rights and an archaeologist who wishes to remain unnamed...Video produced by JOC Bill Houlihan for American Forces Radio and Television Service.

Click on the link for the video:

Muthanna Mass Grave

I hope that the evidence the un-named archaeologist finds will help prosecute Saddam Hussein and his lieutenants.  When I see images like these, I can't help but remember that France, Germany, and Russia would have kept Saddam in power.

182,000 Kurds are still unaccounted for...