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MilBloggers in USAToday

Mark Memmott of the USAToday has an article about MilBloggers today - both in the print and electronic versions of the national paper.

‘Milbloggers' Are Typing Their Place In History
Troops assume new posts with clicks and keystrokes

By Mark Memmott, USA Today

Imagine some of the soldiers who survived the Battle of Gettysburg stopping the next day to write their dramatic tales — and people around the world instantly reading them. If that battle had been fought today, no imagination would be necessary.

The number of Internet Web logs — or “blogs,” as online diaries are known — by American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is soaring, giving people everywhere unprecedented windows into servicemembers' lives....

Many of us were interviewed by Mark, who by all accounts was very professional and respectful, and it's a good article.  Mark jokingly offered to be the outlet for a Blackfive Identity Revealed Exclusive.

I'm especially appreciative that USAToday wrote about Specialist Francisco Martinez - more than he was a just blogger that was killed in Iraq.

Although he was not the only blogger killed in Iraq.  Almost one year ago, Bob Zangas, a Marine Corps Reservist, was working for the CPA when he was killed.  Bob was an exceptional American.