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MilBlogger Posts Open Source Policy

There have been times where some of you have felt that I had crossed the line with regards to providing too much information (Fallujah).  And there have been times where I have had military Officers ask me, officially, to not blog about an issue.

One of the issues with Military Blogging is how much information is too much.  Even if it is Open Source and not Classified, can MilBloggers reveal the lesser known workings of a Military Operation?

Yes and No.  I think there is a lot of value in what Chester and Bill  and Wretchard have done with regards to Operation Matador.  They and other bloggers had more interesting information about the workings of the battle than the MSM.

In response to some (very well-meaning) critics, Chester has posted an Open Source Policy for his blog.  I think this one helluva disclaimer and might be a good idea for MilBloggers to consider when posting about an OP.