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Michael Yon Talks About The Children Murdered By Terrorists

Here's official DOD footage of a FoxNews interview of Michael Yon discussing the horrendous circumstances around this photo (by embedded blogger Michael Yon) that's been circulating a lot over the last few days. 

Michelle Malkin has a good post about it with links to more information.

And here's a message about the photo via Bad Bob from LTC Kurilla, the Battalion Commander of Deuce Four, about the terrorist attack:

This is one of the most powerful images of the war for me and I am told it was in many newspapers this morning. This is Major Mark Bieger, my S3, carrying a fatally injured 18 month old little girl from a suicide car blast that targeted our C Company Strykers in a very crowded neighborhood. We arrived 4 minutes after the blast and were even hit by an IED moving to the scene to assist. Mark found her in a house after the suicide car bomb blast, she was just helplessly staring at him. The little girl died as we took her to the hospital. There was a little 5 year old boy that was 10 feet from the blast waving to us and he was killed instantly. Another 15 civilians were wounded in the blast. Absolutely heartbreaking.

If there is any question how evil those we fight are, one need only look at this picture. Picture was taken by Michael Yon, our embedded reporter.

In the interview with Michael Yon, Major Bieger's actions are discussed further.