The Eagle and The Serpents

Help A Wounded Vet Return Home


Via an email from Joanne Currier about her son, Sergeant Brian Currier:

Sgt Brian Currier was stationed in Iraq when he was critically injured by a VBED on March 7th in Ramadi. He suffered shrapnel injuries to his legs, fractures of his right leg and all 3 bones in his right arm, facial fractures and shrapnel in his eyes. After many surgeries he is finally walking with the aid of a quad cane and is coming home on convalescent leave next week! He has a lot of physical and occupational therapy ahead of him but he has a great attitude and a lot of determination. He has received excellent care at the TQ in Iraq, at Landstuhl in Germany and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

His family is so proud of him. He has endured so much in the past few months. Two fellow soldiers and friends died in the explosion and the doctors in Iraq didn't think Brian was going to survive. He lost a massive amount of blood. Soldiers lined up around the blood bank to help him.

Here's a few stories about Sergeant Brian Currier:

You can help Sergeant Currier's homecoming.  His parents are trying to get him a special recliner and some other things for his return.

You can donate via PayPal (use [email protected]) or send checks to:

Sergeant Brian Currier
Trenton Federal Credit Union
4550 Division
Trenton, Michigan  48183