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Gunner Palace Updates

Gunner Palace...

The Gunner Palace DVD will be released next month (June 28th).  You can pre-order here at AmazonMy review of the movie is here.  The DVD extras will contain the art of Wilf (LONG LIVE WILF!!!).

Michael Tucker, the producer, director, and camera-man for Gunner Palace, sent me an email yesterday.  Part of the DVD proceeds will go to Fisher House.  Michael already gave them a check for 10K and wants to get at least 50K for Fisher House (hoping for 100K).

Big News:  And Tucker is heading back to Iraq for a few weeks to go visit some of the orphanages the Gunners were helping (and some of the Gunners are still helping now in Civilian life).  Mike might blog while he's there so keep checking Gunner Palace to see updates.

Be careful, Mike...

When you get back, let's discuss Oscar strategies.