New Mass Graves Uncovered In Iraq
Marine's Take Care Of Their Own


While I'm not in Nashville, I am watching via UserPlane and Military WebCOM...Greyhawk just joined us and offered to buy drinks (it's 4 PM where he is).  Thanks to Tara and Ross for helping us keep connected!

Blogs making money is an area of concern - one woman seems to be focused on the negative (reaching critical mass).  Stories of six figure bloggers.

I might keep updating this post as the MilBlog session begins...

Eh.  Nice shirt Tim!

Glenn Reynolds has a tie that would rival Smash's wardrobe (scroll down to see a reference)...

Got to speak (via my mic which was delayed and had feedback) to the attendees of the MilBlog session.  The value of MilBlogs (outside of the military community) is still somewhat of a question.  I mentioned that I hear from the military men and women, spouses, parents, and the veterans (there are millions and millions of them) that want to stay connected to the military and the good that they are doing.  Opportunity?  You betcha.

I also mentioned 300 emails that I receive per day.  That's an estimate.  Not including spam.  Right now I have 231 unread messages (new) and 2303 spam messages in my GMail account.  Not complaining, just explaining.

Robin spoke (and facilitated much of the discussions) about the traditional concept that military men and women stay out of politics.  I commented in the chat room that the idea would have held but we were at war and John Kerry was running for President.  I think that was cause for the gloves coming off...

Mustang 23 spoke all the way from Iraq.  I think we were all pleasantly surprised by his "appearance".

Jarhead Dad, Brogonzo, Barcepundit (as in Barcelona - one of my favorite cities), and THE Buzz Patterson joined us.