Outnumbered Paratrooper Scouts Take on Taliban
The De-Animator

Blackfive Invades the East Coast

I'll be at the U2 concert tonight and then traveling over the next four days on an intense but fun business trip to DC, Baltimore, NYC etc...  Unfortunately, I'll won't have much time for extra-curricular fun except to meet up with Eric for the Cubs-Nationals game on Saturday.  Scotch and baseball?  You bet.

In the meantime, I've asked two of my favorite bloggers to help keep things going around here.  The intent is to provide some interesting content and, in case you might not be familiar with them, to introduce you to the good work of Cassandra of Villainous Company and Grim of Grim's Hall.

There will also be a few posts from me that I'm setting to post at a later time.

Have a good weekend.