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BlogMeet - What Really Happened on Tuesday?

I sort of helped to organize an informal blogmeet on late Tuesday...there are several versions of the event:

The Laughing Wolf reveals my identity and my ain't pretty.  The Cubs will just have to move. 

Eric uses three periods more than I do...but, after meeting him, it sounds like him.  I think he should write and narrate documentaries.  The man can get a crowd under his spell like no other...and he's also one brave guy.  Not very many people (okay, nobody else) would have stuck by me in Indian Country. 

Grau discusses Eric's near miss with a Gay bar...near Miss.  I had a great time talking with Grau.  He's got a smart/smart-ass, hilarious personality.  And he happens to be related to one of my favorite stars.

Teresa thought Eric can spin a tale...but after you read LW and Grau's posts, maybe he spun tail...Buffalo tail.  Teresa is one great lady, and I was glad to finally meet her.

Tammi is too, too generous (to Eric)...the best was her story about "the drive" from Sarrasota - LMAO! - complete with appropriate accent and cuteness.  She could give Eric a run for his money in the story telling category.

While I kept calling that1guy, "Bill", he was too nice to correct me or punch me in the face...and he could have done it, too (he's a big former Marine).

No versions yet from Harvey or TNT - it was great meeting them.  Harvey brought cigars for everyone and got me to smoke (a cigar) for the first time in many, many years.  TNT brought the Gnome.  That's another story (LW took the Gnome home).

So what really happened that Tuesday night? 

Well, as you can imagine with most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle of all the descriptions.  But what I would tell you is that it was a abso-freakin'-lutely great time.  I don't call people friends easily - but these are all my friends now.  Every single one of them.