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Steve Gilliard and Baghdad Bob

Greyhawk at Mudville brings this issue to light and covers the flank of another MilBlogger (we'll get to that in a minute).  First the details...

Apparently, Steve Gilliard believes that we're going to lose the war in Iraq.  How does he know this?

From inferring information from charts and graphs (and just making @#$% up)...and maybe Baghdad Bob is whispering in his ear... “We have placed them in a quagmire from which they can never emerge except dead”.  Por ejemplo, there's this little bit of insight:

...Most days, large stretches of these highways are vunerable to attack. And notice something else: all roads lead to Baghdad. So if you wage a road denial campaign against the US military, every attack in Baghdad has a multiplier. Because it slows down the whole network...

What?  WTF?  So if you attack some neighborhood in Baghdad, the guys in Mosul will be affected?  Kirkuk?  Basra?  Tikrit?  Most likely not.

Be sure to check the comments where you'll find visitors from the Kos-sack congratulating Stevie on his providing "on-the-ground reality"...????

Speaking of "on-the-ground", a MilBlogger in Iraq, DadManly, takes issue with Steve's post.

...I don't know the source of your information depicting life in Iraq for we who are deployed here, but it strikes me that you use what little information you do have to paint a picture grossly different than what is actually the case. You compound this fancy by drawing conclusions that are not supported even by the data you do misrepresent...

Be sure to read his whole post which also has a brief reply from Stevie.  I checked some of Baghdad Gilliard's posts.  The title "defeatist" would be suitable (as suitable as I can get running a PG-13 blog).