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Canadians and Blackfive.Net

Yes, I get some hatemail, but I also get some great letters, too.  I get a few from Canadians every week.  For some reason, they get the impression that I don't like Canada. 

I love Canada.  I blogged from Vancouver while I was there on business.  Canada is a great country because of it's people.

Quebec?  Well, that's just a whole different story.  That's like me trying to explain some of the bizarre behavior in San Francisco to my relatives from overseas.

Here's a great letter from Nina who touches briefly on the moral bankruptcy of the left-wingers of this country:

Hi Black Five,
I am writing you from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We are just north of Montana.  I have been reading your blog for months and I check it every morning when I get to work to see what you have posted.  I want you to know that not all Canadians are anti-American.  In fact, it seems like some of us are more pro-American than some Americans.  I don't understand how people can be so vicious to their own country people.  But then there are so many things that I don't understand.
I must confess that I don't always agree with you. If I was American, you would probably label me as a liberal.  I am a girlie/girl, candy ass civilian AND a pacifist.  However, since I started reading military blogs, I am not so sure about a lot of things anymore.  One thing I still know for sure though is that I have ALWAYS admired soldiers for their courage and commitment and toughness.  I am grateful to them doing a job I could never do and know that I live in peace and security in Canada because of the sacrifices of many soldiers.  (O.K.  I need to be specific here.  I apply that only to Canadian, American, British and other Allied soldiers of WWII.  I don't feel that way towards Nazis nor Japanese or even Chinese soldiers.  Heaven help me because I am Chinese but I fear the communists.  Soldiers can do a lot of good but they can also be totally evil because they have such destructive power.)  Even though I want to believe that one day our world will be free from wars and peace and love will take over, I know now that it may never be possible.  I think there will always be "bad" people and we need good people like yourself who are willing and strong enough to fight them. 

What prompted me to write to you was the posting by that John Riley person.  I couldn't get his evil words out of my mind all day and as I was driving home from work, I contemplated writing to ask you to delete his vile post.  I see that you have done so already and I wanted to thank you for it.  The family is in enough pain and they don't need JR's words to hurt them even more.  My heart just breaks for the loss of a young man with so much ahead of his life.  As I said, I am normally a peaceful person but JR's post made me crazy.  I wanted to track him down and personally hurt him to the best of my female civilian ability.  So much for the girlie/girl pacifist.  I believe people with no compassion nor heart are truly evil.  As far as I am concerned, he is no better than the terrorists who murder and behead innocent people.
Take care Black 5.  I wish the very best for you and your family.  Thanks again for your blog. I remain a fan and shall check on it every day.
Your friend in Canada,
P.S.  I miss that picture of you flying through the air

Okay, well, where to begin? First, I think that I am pretty friendly to our neighbor to the North. And there are some really top knotch, best of breed bloggers from Canada like Katzman and flea.  Second, I don't expect everyone to agree with me, and I try to keep it fairly open to discourse around here. I've been wrong plenty of times, too.

There's a big difference between being "liberal" and being "left-wing".  The left-wingers have hijacked the liberal term.  True liberals are welcome here.  Extreme lefties?  Not so much...Commies are just not cool.

As for JR, I suspect he's some Freshman at a West Coast University who can't fit in socially so he's empowered by hiding behind the internet.  Believe me, most of my negative commenters can be tracked to universities or overseas to old Europe.  They are never worth the time and energy it takes to respond to them.  Maybe one troll in the last year made a semi-rationale argument.

Now, Nina is not the only one who had their eyes opened to the fact the men and women in the military are just ordinary Americans who made an extraordinary committment.  That's the whole point of this blog.  That, and the fact that you can make a difference (and you HAVE made a difference).

We're gonna win this thing.  One person at a time...

Thanks, Nina!