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Blog Nashville

I've been remiss in not mentioning BlogNashville - a conference about and for bloggers.  There will be a special MilBlogger segment that will be facilitated by Robin Burk of Winds of Change and Random Probabilities.  Bill Roggio of the most excellent Fourth Rail, Tim Schmoyer of Sisyphean Musings,  and the Marine vet of Word Unheard will be there to discuss MilBlog issues.  Keynotes for the conference will be held by none other than Glenn Reynolds.

I'm travelling a bit over the next few months (DC, Baltimore, NYC, Michigan, St. Louis, etc.) so I don't want to miss another weekend with my family - especially on Mother's Day (my wife deserves a great one! - My Mom, too!).  Otherwise, I would be at BlogNashville.

Blogs (and their conferences) have come a long way.  Last December, at the Global Voices (blogger) Conference at Harvard, I was the only Military Blogger there.

Things are definitely moving along in the Blogosphere...