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Bad Dad ("Bad!"), Jackie Chan, and Movies You're Embarrassed to Love

Watched a bit of Drunken Master with my son this weekend.  Classic!  I've got just about every Jackie Chan movie ever made, and Drunken Master is one of my favorites.  Hong Kong action movies (and Jackie Chan films in particular) are some of my guilty pleasures.  It'll be awhile before Little Blackfive can watch Hard Boiled...like maybe a decade. 

Anyway, the best part about watching Drunken Master was getting Little Blackfive to do some drunken boxing with me...until my wife walked in...

Bad Dad.  Bad!

My wife is usually embarrassed by some of my movie choices.  She doesn't get my admiration for Van Wilder ("take it through the car wash and get it waxed!") or Old School ("Let's go streaking!") or Team America ("If there's a world when this is all over, I'd love to buy you a beer sometime.") .

Our first movie date was to see From Dusk 'til Dawn.  I wasn't sure there was going to be another date after that movie, but Mrs. Blackfive liked it a lot.  I loved it.

What movies are you somewhat embarrassed to love?

Men at Work? Big Trouble in Little China? Remo Williams? Vampires? They LiveWeird Science?

Come on, fess up.