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Someone You Should Know Follow Up - Captain Gade Walks!

Thanks to Rosemay of My Newz 'n Ideas, we have an update on Captain Daniel Gade who was featured here back in January and February.

It's a good one.

Friday, March 25, 2005 7:11 PM CST


Today I traveled, I'm in DC as well. Daniel had a significant new thing today. He actual walked "laps" between the parallel bars. Several times back and forth. He had only been standing before this. The PT asked if he wanted to try a walker. He decided not today. It was great to see the first steps again after many years. Other parts of his workout actually brought sweat to his brow (many reps on a weight machine). He is gaining strength daily. He also helped his mother celebrate her birthday with a great Italian dinner (he had a steak). After these long days he does have some pain. Today there was little or no nausea.

Praises -
First steps
Little nausea and pain
Gaining strength
Jesus Christ was crucified for you and me

Prayers -
Continued reduction of nausea and pain
Continued healing of his abdomen
Continued normal white count
Continued gains of strength
More new "steps" with the nerve recovery in his left hand
Continued positive spirit and attitude
His troops in Iraq. Things are still tough in and around Ramadi

And yesterday, he was visited by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  While Captain Gade's progress is simply amazing, thoughts and prayers for him, his family and his troops are still needed.