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Maybe France Will Take Him

Here are some links about US Army deserter Jeremy Hinzman.  Canada has denied him assylum.  Hhhmm.  Maybe, France will take him.  Then again, their Army is already "well-rested"...

Assumption of Command

This is one of the best things to come from Canada since the Mackenzie Brothers.


Hinzman had served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan. Did he not realize that violence is an integral part of warfare?

Huntress 1 (2004)

As a Canadian/American I am appalled that this traitor is still in Toronto. This self righteous lying coward has a website, a PR agent, a draft dodging attorney who solicited Michael Moore's support, is now the darling of Al Jeezera and Islamic fundamentalists, has been accorded rockstar status amongst terrorists, while pawning himself of as Quaker who underwent a spiritual epiphany as soon as he realized he would most likely be deployed to Iraq. Like the good soldier he had been trained to be, he took pre emptive action. When that failed, he did what all cowards do, he ran away! To Canada!

Huntress 2

They saw through his lies and understood that he had no legitmate claim to his "CO" status!