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Malkin Interview At RWN

John Hawkins has a second interview with Michelle Malkin (her blog is at

Michelle tends to get some really vicious email.  In her first interview with Right Wing News, we found that Michelle liked reading Blackfive.  And then I got some vicious email...funny how that works.

I don't really think of her as a right-winger (she certainly has conservative values) but as someone with a lot of common sense.  Mrs. Blackfive is a fan of hers (and she's more moderate than I).

Here's part of the interview where Michelle responds to questions about a few people:

What would Wonkette be without the liquor, genitalia jokes, and Gawker Media Incorporated-subsidized staff? Choire Sicha did a fine job filling space and snarking things up while Ana Marie was on "vacation" or whatever. Did anyone even notice she was gone? Why not just drop the "-ette" from "Wonkette" and let Sicha take over full time? I hear that men fake-blogging as women is very trendy. See Libertarian Girl and Hot Abercrombie Chick. See also Mary Rosh.

Heh.  I'd like to see her more on Dennis Miller rather than subbing for Sean Hannity on Fox.