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Italy And America

    "...Italy and America must be mutually faithful in the war against Islamic terrorism." - The Balerna Family, Rome, Italy

    "i am sorry, you must be strong, but you also must know you are not alone." - Eduardo, Florence, Italy

Over the last few days, I've gotten quite a few emails from addresses that end in "dot i.t.".  Aparently, one of the Italian Newspapers linked here.  The last post about Sgrena's comments has generated a lot of comments from Italians - both pro and anti US.

Here's another Italian web site (TGCOM Mondo) linking to American Soldier, Blackfive and Sergeant Stryker's.  The article also quotes Joatmof of I Love Jet Noise.  I used Google translation to read it (not exactly good enough to get the flavor of the piece other than American soldiers are speaking out against Sgrena).

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