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Gunner Palace Gets PG-13 Rating

Variety reports the change from an MPAA "R" rating to "PG-13" for Gunner Palace.

F-bombs catch a break
MPAA lets 'Palace' push profanity limits

...One witness to the "Palace" proceedings said that the appeal session was an intense one, with some board members actually tearing up over the decision.

"In these times, language has become a volatile political issue," said Palm marketing topper Andy Robbins in a statement. "We are pleased that the MPAA chose to view the language of the American troops in the context of their situation. They are at war."...

While more than a few people won't be happy with the rating change (including Michael Moore), I think that this will mean that more people might see the documentary.

[Thanks to everyone who emailed the Variety article link to me.]