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Godspeed Specialist Francisco G. Martinez

FrankmartinezUS Army Specialist Francisco Gregorio Martinez was killed in Iraq on March 21st.  He was a Forward Observer (13F) on a patrol when he was shot in the side.  Frank was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Hovey, Korea. (picture from his blog)

He was a promising web designer who was to be married to Mirela when he came back home to Texas.  His father, a software engineer, maintains a blog.

From the father, Paco Martinez:

My mobile phone rang as I was entering the lobby of the Embassy Suites at Salt Lake City Utah to meet with Erik Dasque for dinner. It was my wife Maria calling me from home in Texas to tell me that there was a man in US Army uniform ringing our door bell. I asked her if he was in Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs) or if he was wearing his 'Class A's (dress uniform).

She said he was in dress uniform.

Francisco Gregorio Martínez was killed in action in Iraq during a patrol operation around 2:00 AM Bagdad time (GMT +3) on March 21, 2005...

From the fiance', Mirela, on Frank's blog:

My love,
how can I say good-bye?  This was not supposed to be the way how our fairy-tale was supposed to end. Remember? What happened to that apartment, my ring, those dreams that both of us had, and those beautiful moments we vowed, we would spend with each other, after such a along time that we were forced to be apart? 
Doesn't it all seem like it was for nothing?  It does, but I am not so sure...

You can show your support by leaving a comment hereThe funeral home is also listed on Paco's blog in case you would like to send flowers.