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Blackfive in the (Uber) Liberal Media

I was interviewed by the American Prospect with regards to my role (albeit a minor one) in the creation of EasonGate and the resulting resignation of Eason Jordan as the Chief News Executive of CNN.  Here is The American Prospect report by Garance Franke-Ruta.

I am sure my team from EasonGate will respond more effectively than I to the characterization of us as a Republican Hit Squad.  Here is what is said about Blackfive:

...As Easongate got cooking, the trio quickly reached out to “BlackFive,” a former paratrooper and prominent military blogger in Chicago who declined, in an e-mail interview, to reveal his surname (his first name is Matt). Blackfive brought in Cheryl, a 48-year-old advertising sales representative from southern California who asked me not to use her last name; she gave the group pro bono marketing services and helped to set up a database of CNN advertisers to be contacted. The team even tried to get an active-duty military officer to join their clique. The officer declined.

Jordan had made his comments more than a week before Easongate went live and, by all accounts, quickly backtracked at the panel when pressed...

First, the details of Cheryl's involvement are incorrect.  Cheryl was not brought on the team by me.  I just emphatically endorsed her involvement having been in contact with her via Blackfive for awhile.  Cheryl is hardly a right-winger, and she absolutely ROCKS!

Second, NewsFlash to The American Prospect:  backtracking is not an apology.  Among other things, TAP sure gives Mr. Jordan a pass on his comments.  Quite frankly, if Eason Jordan had been an adult about the whole affair and apologized for his remarks, I would have let the whole matter drop.  He maligned our troops without proof.  The onus was on him.  He did not fix things, nor apologize.  He chose to "Ratherize" the situation.

Last, I also gave the American Prospect information about military blogging in a general sense.  It will be "interesting" to see what they come up with...

Update:  Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail has left a comment about the treatment of us at EasonGate.

Update 2:  Greyhawk wishes he was "prominent"...