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Received an alert from Adele of Soldiers' Angels.  Recently, we helped Soldiers' Angels provide some soldiers with Kevlar Blankets, and we also have helped with their projects to support our wounded soldiers.  Now, with the new rotations to Iraq and the 'stan, there are thousands of new military men and women that are requesting to be 'adopted'.  By the way, don't let the name Soldiers' Angels make you think that this is an Army support group.  Soldiers' Angels takes care of all our Armed Forces and has adopted every military hospital that they can reach.  Here's the details of how you can help:

With the third deployment now happening, we are getting a TON of soldiers' names. Typically, at Soldiers' Angels, we all adopt a soldier. Some of us have more than one, as well as numerous unofficial adoptions, which you gain by corresponding with soldiers regularly. We also have a Letter Writing Team, where people can get a certain number of soldiers' names to write, on set days of the week, and a TLC Team, which sends mail to people who have little or no family, or who for some reason do not get a lot of mail, or who are going through an extra rough time. There are other worthy projects as well but the following is what we really need.

At the moment, with so many names of newly deployed soldiers, we need people to "adopt" them and give them support until they come home (one year to eighteen months).

By adopting a soldier, you are asked to send two letters or notes per week and two packages a month. 

There are numerous "angels" who can guide a new angel through the process (postage issues, how to send, where and what to buy, etc).  It is very addicting!!!   

One very important thing: once you have adopted a soldier, it is critical that you keep up contact, unless for some reason you are unable to, and in which case we ask you to give back the name so we can get them readopted. We do not need soldiers being "abandoned" while they are deployed.

The need for additional angels is large.  In December, around holiday time, we had an abundance of angels.  During other times of the year, it may not be so obvious that they need our support, but they are still deployed.

Go to and click on the "adopt a soldier" link (you can also "submit a soldier for adoption" here, as well). Once you fill in the application, you can expect a soldier's name and address in about 48 hours.

You can really make a difference.  Here's a very recent letter from a Marine Sergeant in Iraq:

I received a letter from a lady in Alabama and she introduced me to your wonderful site. Been here for less than a month now and we're finally settling in for the long haul.... I just wanted to let all of you there at "Soldier's Angels" know that I greatly appreciate all that you are doing and have done in the past. I can relate to Sergeant Varn, I see Marine's here everyday that have no contact with the folks back home...some will probably never receive a care package or even a letter. This is my way to help you show them that they are appreciated. As for myself, I know I have tons of family that are and will continue to send me whatever I might need? For them, here are a few or the requests I've heard...some want CD's/DVD's, other's just want candy (eventhough some could do without), can opener's, pop-top canned food, dried fruits, hygiene items, wet wipes, suncreen (soon), bugspray, letter's, emails, sunflower seeds...they love the JALEPENO salsa flavored (I never even knew they made them), NASCAR stuff?,chapstick, carmex, AA batteries, writing paper, stationary, sunglasses (they're cool), one even asked for a date? Got to love asking young Marines simple ?'s......but most of all, all they need is your continued support whether it be a simple letter or email, or someone does just send them a care package? Thanks for your time and the wonderful site.......God Bless You All !

We need all the help we can get. Adopt if you can make the committment to write letters and send packages (2 letters per week and 2 packages per month). Thank you!!!