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And Now For Something Completely Different - Cuban Blogging

Okay, first and foremost, Val Prieto (Babalu Blog) is one of my favorites.  We began blogging at the same time, and Val is high on the list of "bloggers that I wish to consume vast quantities of alcohol with"...  Babalu Blog is on fire lately - snarky, bloggy fire.

You see, it started (sort of) when Val wanted to get a special coffee mug made in honor of Fidel CastroHere it is.

Then, some bloggers (the Black Bloggers Forum) took exception with his disregard for ol' Fidel (and Che, too).  I think Val was a little frustrated by the exchange.  Here's the forum discussion.

So, Val decides to admit to his complicity in the world's happenings and posts his daily schedule (you might want to read the Black Blogger Forum to understand some of "the schedule").  I knew Val was a big blogger, just didn't know that he was BIG.  He's trying to pen me in for 5:45PM to discuss the military's distinct lack of criticism of fidel.

I'm on it, Val.

[For a more serious side of Babalu Blog - John G. suggests reading this post.]