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The Heart of America - Conclusion: Tim Chavez's New Column

Received many emails from you all about the Marine Convoy that was saved by the Iraqi girl with the Beanie Baby...many of you wanted to know who (which journalist) received the info for the story.

Quite a few journalists wanted the story and only one got it.  Only one had the patience and the professionalism to keep waiting for clearance from the Marine Sergeant. 

Tim Chavez at the Daily Tennessean is the journalist that I trust, and he has a column about it.  It's a must read.

Thanks for being a stand-up guy, Tim!

Update: Gunnery Sergeant Mark Francis is coming home for five months before his second tour will start.  For those wishing to send more toys to the Marines in Iraq, here is the new contact information and an email address (for questions):

SSgt Tranchitella

1st Intel Bn (AFP)

UIC 42498

FPO AE 96426-2498

EMail: [email protected]