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Vox Rocks!!!

Here's why I think Vox should be syndicated:  He summed up in two paragraphs what happens here on a daily basis - the essence of why I blog.  This is something that I've been asked to describe so succinctly, but haven't been able to, in almost two years.  Check this out.

Vox Day

The Gatekeepers Crumble

...The difference between the legacy reporting on military casualties – where it's little more than a numbers game – and the milblogs is significant. Whereas the legacy stories almost always attempt to spin the families' grief into a political weapon, those recounted at sites like Blackfive's focus on the individual himself, his life and what he meant to those who loved him. And the loss of these fine young men is all the more heart-breaking when you see the pictures of them with their little boys and girls.

Unlike the legacy media, the milblogs also regularly devote time and space to the casualties who are not fatalities, chronicling the painful recoveries of those who have survived but suffer from what are all-too-often permanent injuries. They don't just wallow in the pathos either, but they encourage their readers to act and ensure that these wounded warriors are not forgotten in their convalescence...

See what I mean?  Check out the whole column, and, if you are so inclined, contact World Net Daily about keeping Vox Day on the net.