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The Face of Evil - Update

This update is in reference to the previous post regarding terrorists using a victim with Downs Syndrome as a suicide bomber.

Dave C. sends this article - Handicapped boy who was made into a bomb - from the Sydney Morning Herald.

And Rich F. reminds me that Omar of Iraq the Model discusses the incident and offers another story of insurgents using the helpless to try to commit atrocities.  Here's part of it:

...What a huge difference there is between those who kidnap and use the mentally handicapped to perform their murders in cold blood and between the brave Iraqis who sacrificed their lives to protect their brethren. one story that is famous now in Iraq is about one brave Iraqi (A'adel Nasir) who saw a suspicious looking guy walking around a polling center in (Al- Hurriyah) district and soon the brave man realized that the suspicious guy was trying to commit a suicide attack; he ran towards him, wrestled him and knocked him down causing the bomb carried by the terrorist to explode, sacrificing his own life and saving the lives of the people standing in line at the gate of the voting center. It turned out later that the terrorist carried a Sudanese id. ..

Be sure to check out the entire post.