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Reporters and MilBloggers

I've gotten six journalist inquiries in as many weeks about military blogging.  Usually, the reporter is looking for a story about the military shutting down MilBlogs.  I usually send them to several other MilBlogs for their opinions.  I haven't heard any complaints from my fellow MilBloggers, yet.

I received the same Decatur Daily (Alabama) email inquiry as Colby Buzzel (he writes about one reporter in My War and has a book deal, etc.) and the same Army Times inquiry as Jason Hartley (Just Another Soldier).  Here is Jason's email about his demotion and fine for blogging - I received this email from reporters, readers, and an Army buddy in Afghanistan.  I like both of their blogs - they are magnificient writers - but I disagree with them about their right to free speech (and you will notice their definite change in attitude towards the Army).

They are Soldiers.  When you get an order to shut down the blog, it sucks, but it's what you do.  Unless it's something illegal, immoral or unethical, you obey orders.  Period.

And if you piss off your chain of command, well, you should know better - especially, if you are a Grade-"A"-Smart-Ass like most of us MilBloggers.