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Please Help With EasonGate

You can sign a petition to request that CNN come clean about Jordan Eason and his unprofessional remarks about the military intentionally targeting journalists. 

Easongate has been created in light of Eason Jordan's recent statements at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he accused American servicemen of intentionally targeting and killing journalists in Iraq. These are serious charges that should not have been made without supporting evidence, which he did not provide. American servicemen and women are risking their lives daily and it is wholly inappropriate for a man of his stature and influence to make baseless claims in front of an international audience. As an experienced journalist, he fully understands the impact of his words and the effects on his audience. Mr. Jordan has a past history of making such statements.

Our hope is that CNN will launch an investigation into Mr. Jordan's past and recent history, and take appropriate action. The staff of Easongate is not confident CNN will address this situation without external pressure, however, so we hope to provide the means for the public to place pressure on CNN to act.

Please sign the EasonGate Petition

Also, please forward/email the link.

Below is the text of the petition.

We the undersigned, request that Mr. Eason Jordan, Chief News Executive for CNN, release a transcript of his remarks while participating in a forum entitled, "Will Democracy Survive the Media?" at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on January 28th.

Mr. Jordan has been reported to have charged the US military with intentionally targeting journalists. If he has evidence of such acts, we request that it be aired so that appropriate investigations may be undertaken by the US government. We will readily assist in forwarding these claims to our elected leadership.

If Mr. Jordan did in fact allege these acts, and has no such evidence, we ask that he be removed from his position immediately.

We request a reply by the 15th of February. If one is not forthcoming, we will begin to pressure key CNN advertisers and investors and make them aware of Mr. Jordan's reported remarks.

Please consider how CNN can retain its moniker as "the most trusted name in news" if Mr. Jordan does not clarify his comments by releasing a transcript.

We await your response.

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