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Help Protect Our Soldiers With Kevlar

Soldiers' Angel Robin - who leads the Armor Up program for Soldiers' Angels, needs four more kevlar blankets to give to a unit making it's second tour in Iraq.  Each blanket costs $925 and meets DOD specs.

The last request came from an Army Infantry Captain (the former Commander of the unit) who was wounded and couldn't return with them.

Here's the Soldiers' Angels Armor Up page where you can donate via PayPal.  And, as usual,when I post something like this, I have already donated to the Armor Up program today.  The sooner the blankets get to the soldiers, the better.

I won't be able to check in on this post very much this weekend, and I expect that there may be some who want to know why the Army isn't providing complete Armor for the Humvees.  While I don't know the specific reasons for this case, I know that it will still take some time to completely armor every Humvee in theater.  And every soldier is a target...Infantry or MP, Cav Trooper or Mechanic.

So, donate if you can and pass on the link to the Armor Up page.


You can make a difference!