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Godspeed Sgt Plumondore and SPC Gertson

    "How do you honor such heroes as Clint Gertson and Adam Plumondore? You honor them by telling the stories of their friendship, camaraderie, and fierce bravery. You honor them by continuing to fight to protect the man on your left and right who would lay down his life so that others might live. You honor them by continuing in this noble endeavor providing freedom to a people we do not know or understand the sacrifices that are made – but that is what makes America the greatest nation on earth." - LTC Michael E. Kurilla, 1/24th Battalion Commander, made these comments today in Mosul, Iraq

That quote is from the eulogy for Sergeant Adam Plumondore and Specialist Clint Gertson by their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Kurilla.  Todd at Stryker Brigade News has the entire speech posted (following through on LTC Kurilla's advice), and it's one of the best, mixing humor and heroism and loss.  Be sure to read it.

Here's a message from their platoon posted by Lieutenant Bourque:

A Message from the Men of the Recon Platoon

Friends and Families of 1/24 IN Scouts,

It is with a heavy heart that we write today. Sergeant Adam Plumondore, of the sniper section, was killed in action on 16 February. His loss has hit the platoon hard, as we know it has his friends and family back home. Sergeant Plumondore was a tremendous soldier, a respected leader, and a great friend. He was a man of great strength, unending talent, and deep compassion. His spirit will live on forever with the men here who loved him and served with him. We want his family to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them in this time of need and that he will always be in our hearts, and we will never forget him.

The Men of Recon Platoon

You can leave a message at their web site, too.

Both men were heroes of incredible caliber.  Gertson was in the dining facility tent in Mosul when it was bombed and valiantly tried to save his Company Commander.  Both men were responsible time and time again for saving lives on the battlefield.

And, Sergeant Adam Plumondore was the Adam in Kim du Toit's Walter and Adam Fund (a fund that Kim started to help equip the snipers with the best equipment) which has been posted here before in response to requests from readers wishing to contribute to more "martial" organizations.

Riverdog also has a post about Adam, too.  He reports that Adam volunteered to take the place of another Soldier on the last patrol.

I'll end on the final note from LTC Kurilla at the memorial, "We will miss them both terribly, but I know that our Deuce Four snipers, Gerty and Plum, are looking down from Heaven continuing to look out for us – that voice you hear in your head is Gerty calling the winds, Plum ensuring you have the correct distance, and both always reminding you to always look for the positive in life."

Godspeed Adam and Clint, Godspeed.