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Frontline Show About Soldiers In Iraq

I received the email below from Jessica Smith - the Outreach Coordinator for FRONTLINE - who wants us MilBloggers to spread the word about two episodes on PBS featuring Soldiers in Iraq. 

Frontline is contacting/outreaching to MilBlogs about these episodes.  I'll try to catch them, but I doubt they will be as awesome as Gunner Palace.

I'll post Jessica's email in the Extended Section.

I am writing to you and other military bloggers to alert you to two films airing on PBS that I believe will be of great interest to you and your readers.

The first, "A Company of Soldiers" (see PBS and AFN Spectrum broadcast dates below), is a powerful first-hand account of the War in Iraq through the eyes of the men and women fighting it.  Viewers are with the troops as they come under sniper fire, respond to car bombings, work with the Iraqi people to restore the country's economy and infrastructure, and grapple with the daily possibility of fatal attacks.

"The Soldier's Heart" (see PBS and AFN Spectrum broadcast dates below), tells the stories of soldiers returning from Iraq and suffering the psychological effects of what they've seen, done, or not done, during their tour of duty.  The film includes interviews with returning troops, their families, and mental health experts about the challenges of readjusting to civilian life.

We've paired these two films to give viewers a glimpse into the tough realities faced by our troops at war and the subsequent psychological fallout--an underreported story of the War in Iraq.  I've pasted a short description of each film below for your convenience with links to the full press releases.  For your convenience, I've also included broadcast dates for American Forces Network.

Please contact me if I can be of assistance.  I encourage you to forward or post this message.

Jessica Smith

Airs Tuesday, February 22, at 9 P.M. on PBS (check local listings)
Airs Thursday, February 24, at 9 P.M. on AFN Spectrum (viewer time (CET/JST/KST)
FRONTLINE reports from inside the U.S. Army’s 8th Cavalry Regiment stationed in Baghdad for an up-close, intimate look at the dangers facing an American military unit in Iraq.  Shot in the weeks following the U.S. presidential election, the film tracks the day-to-day challenges facing the 8th Cavalry’s Dog Company as it suddenly has to cope with a dramatic increase in attacks by the insurgents.

Airs Tuesday, March 1, at 9 P.M. on PBS (check local listings)
Airs Thursday, March 3, at 9 P.M. on AFN Spectrum (viewer time (CET/JST/KST)
As the War in Iraq continues, the first measures of its psychological toll are coming in.  A medical study estimates that more than one in seven returning veterans are expected to suffer from major depression, anxiety, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  For those who have survived the fighting, the battle is not over.  For some, the return home can be as painful as war itself.  FRONTLINE tells the stories of soldiers who have come home haunted by their experiences and asks whether the government is doing enough to help.