Eason Jordan Resigns?
Two Million

A Victory of Sorts

My team has a post up at EasonGate with our reaction to the resignation of Eason Jordan from the post of Chief News Executive for CNN.

The Price of Slander

Bill Roggio ends the post/reaction with this:

To every reader, commentor, emailer and blogger that committed to this cause, thank you. This is a victory for every soldier who has honorably served this nation. To you we devote this victory.

How true.  We devote it to the military.  And we owe it to the military.

And ABC News (AP story) is crediting EasonGate with the resignation.

CNN News Executive Eason Jordan Quits

By David Bauder - Associated Press

...But the damage had been done, compounded by the fact that no transcript of his actual remarks has turned up. He was the target of an Internet and Web site campaign that was beginning to rival the one launched against CBS's Dan Rather following the network's ill-fated story last fall about President Bush's military service.

A Web site, Easongate.com, was created and distributed a petition this week calling on CNN to find a transcript and fire Jordan if he said the military had intentionally killed journalists.

The Web site had been preparing Friday to post information to help its supporters contact CNN's advertisers. A message posted on the site after Jordan's resignation said its authors were pleased with the outcome but still want a videotape of the economic forum released.

"To every reader, commentator, e-mailer and blogger that committed to this cause, thank you," a message on the Web site read. "This is a victory for every soldier who has honorably served this nation. To you we devote this victory."...

And things were moving rapidly.  Things were in the works that are now unnecessary (as much as I think the tape should still be released).

A big "Thanks!" to Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail for organizing EasonGate.  And "Thanks!" to Charles, Brian, Chester, LaShawn, Cheryl, N.Z. Bear, and Mike for all of their dedication and their hard work that enabled EasonGate to be effective in making change.

So why is it a victory of sorts instead of a huge freakin' party?

Because Eason Jordan just reaffirms that there is so much bias in the MSM at the highest levels that his resignation is like getting served road kill instead of the New York strip at Morton's (along with a Johnny Walker Black...hhhmm, JWB). 

A few of the senior MSM people do hate America, do want us to fail, and do let their biases get in the way of objectivity.

But at least they might wake up tomorrow and realize that we're watching them...and that we'll keep improving our processes and our connections and be even more ready for the next battle for the truth.

[Col. (ret.) H. - That'll be one bottle of Laphroiag, sir!]