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Video Interviews of Military in Iraq

For those who have asked about military life in Iraq, here are some B-Roll videos that are a bit rough (in editing terms, not language or violence), but might give you an idea of the terrain and some of the things of interest to our military. 

You need Windows Media Player to view or you can right-click and save-target-as to download the movies.

First, here's an interview with Captain Kevin Gilangorst (Walcott, IA), Commander of the 73rd Engineer Company in Mosul.  He's asked if he has the equipment to the job, is Iraq as violent as the media portrays, and will the elections be successful?  Sounds like Wolff Blitzer is the interviewer but I'm not sure...

And here's video of Air Force Staff Sergeant Michael Huffman and Army Major Paul Krattiger talking about calling in close air support to deny terrain to insurgents who were firing rockets and mortars at Forward Operating Base Wilson. Included are night video of the bombs exploding and patrols accessing the damage done. Video is from the American Forces Network Iraq.

Finally, many of you have wondered about the troops impressions of the M4 - here's an interview that might give you some insight. Video from the American Forces Network Iraq.  They all say that they like the smaller size with the accuracy remaining the same as the M16A2.  The last interviewee shows some modifications to the standard M4.