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The Top 125 Popular Web Sites

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has put together a list of the 125 most popular websites on the internet using the Alexa website ranking service.

One thing that really stood out this time is how big the audiences are getting for some of the bloggers out there.

For example, guess which web page pulls more traffic according to Alexa...

The Daily Kos or The Rush Limbaugh Show?
Instapundit or The Weekly Standard?
Little Green Footballs or Lucianne?
Wonkette or Neal Boortz?
Power Line or Sean Hannity?
Talking Points Memo or The New Yorker?

If you guessed the blog in every case, you were right!

Take a look at the entire article at the following website...

[It's the first time that Blackfive has made any Alexa list - at #123]