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Sergeant Bozik Update - Small Steps and a Chaplain

Some J2 (Intel) Today

On the off chance that you haven't read some of these military stories/articles...

Nick S. sends this interesting article from the New Yorker about trusting military officers to innovate solutions to new(er) problems.

Arthur Chrenkoff has another installment on more good news from Afghanistan...

Andrew, a potential milblogger at Analysis & Wit, has a post about Fourth Generation Warfare.

About 100 people emailed this excellent op-ed by Rich Lowry of National Review Online about Marine Sergeant Rafael Peralta (who deserves the Medal of Honor) and the MSM's facination with acts of brutality rather than acts of sacrifice.

Bubbleheads, a Submariner MilBlogger, has lots of good info about the Silent Service as well as other Navy topics - plus posts about the possible grounding of the USS San Francisco.