Mayhem from the Heartland! - The Mad Ghosts Commander Writes Home

Should've Been Fifteen...

...rather than ten.  Graner, a freakin' disgrace to the uniform and the ring leader of the abuse at Abu Ghraib, gets a mid-point sentence.

Still, as I've always said, the Company Commander, and probably the Battalion and Brigade Commanders (Brigadier General Karpinski was horribly incompetent), should stand court martial for gross negligence and possibly dereliction of duty.

This one incident has done more damage than any other action by the coalition.  And what makes me burn more than anything is that it has probably caused more violence and killing.

While an important story and one that needs to be told, this one has been overplayed by the media.  It's been above the fold on the NY Times more than forty times, I believe.  We'll see if the Tsunami and the loss of more than 150,000 people makes that mark.  Pathetic.

Will Graner's sentence reach anyone in the Muslim world?