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Sergeant Bozik Update - Small Steps and a Chaplain

Sergeant Bozik walked for the first time a few days ago.  And on the second day, he went about 20 feet!!!  I have a 5.5MB (asf) video file.  If you would like to receive it via email or want to host it, send me an email.

Here is an email from Joey's mom, Gail, about his preparation for the walk.

The picture below [Blackfive note: click on image] explains how Joey is learning to walk.  He is strapped to a bed that is raised vertically.  The straps are removed and a walker is placed under his arm pits so he can glide it forward and then move his prosthetic leg forward.  Yesterday, Wed., he walked 2 ft.; today, Thurs., he walked 20 ft.  The therapis were thrilled at his progress and his control.  There is no holding him back.  He is determined to play golf again. 
Yesterday, Wed., he was also casted for his right hand prosthetic.  Today they placed the mold and marked it for adjustments.  Monday he will get his first right hand (molded to his needs) to begin his therapy.  His left leg is very painful and has a 25 degree range of motion.  Therapy is hoping for 90 degree at the end; but I know God can restore 100% range.  God likes for us to ask for specifics when we pray; therefore, I am asking you to pray for his left leg and also for the bacteria.  Drs. are testing his blood twice a week to make sure it hasn't returned.  Thanks for your love, support and prayers. 
Gail, Joey and Jayme


And Gail is trying to find a Chaplain at Landstuhl.  I suppose that, by now, I shouldn't be surprised by some people's dedication to our military men and women, but this amazed me.  Here's why:

Before leaving for lunch, we were in the lobby of the Mologne House and a lady named Peggy Baker with Operation First Response was introduced to Joey.  She said that she had a nurse friend in Germany named Carolyn who asked her to locate Joey and let her know how he is doing.  Peggy had to take a photograph of Joey to send to Carolyn.  Then she said the most touching statements; "Carolyn said Joey had touched her heart in a special way."  Joey replied, "Oh, she was the nurse who gave me ice chips and got in trouble."   Peggy also said there was a chaplain who slept on a cot by Joey's beside for 3 days and nights and didn't leave him while he was in Germany.  I asked her for their names and a way of contact to tell them how much I appreciate what they did for my son.  God bless people like them.

So far, Gail has found out that the Chaplain's name is Warren, but that's it. 

Just imagine that picture.  A Chaplain sleeping next to a injured soldier for three days...a soldier who wasn't supposed to make it home alive....

Talk about conducting Spiritual Warfare.

Update 01-12-04 2PM CST: Chris M. was kind enough to host the walking video.  You can click it or right click and save target as...

Update 01-12-04 3:30PM CST: Gail just heard from Nurse Carolyn at Landstuhl.

I dont' know what to say, I can't tell you how much your son touched the lives of all of us over here, since hearing the news of how good he is doing it has made us all different people, I talked with Dr Woods this morning and told him and he said it made it all worthwhile, Joey will never know the inspiration he is to us over here, his special nurse is Captain Lim, she is so anxious to talk to him and Chaplain Warren will also be writing you along with the ICU nurses, I am sitting here now with tears, my son was also a Marine and was hurt in a training accident, every young boy that comes through looks like him, and I cry, today was very hard for us over here, now I sit here and look at the pictures of Joey before and after and realize how many lives he has touched, and the hope it gives us for the boys that are here, God brought you to me right now, I needed to hear from you, please send me your number and a time, it is so cheap for me to call you, I would love so very much to talk to you

Update 01-13-04:  It is Air Force Chaplain (Captain) Joel Warren.  The blogosphere rocks!!!!  Thanks to both Major Wooldridges, and Major Bowen for the info.

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