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Sergeant Bozik - Update 7 - The Wedding

This is from Sergeant Joseph Bozik's mother, Gail, about Joey and Jayme's Wedding Day - December 31st, 2004.

The wedding was beautiful and it was so wonderful to have happiness again in our lives.  Everything was donated, even the honeymoon suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.  The day before the weddding, therapy taught Joey how to get in and out of an automobile and how to use a bathroom; therefore he was able to leave the hospital and go celebrate this special occasion.  There is no stopping Joey; he is determined to live a happy life.  He is talking with John Gonsalves, president of Homes for Our Troops about building him a home when he decides where he wants to live.  This organization is only 9 months old and operates like Habitat for Humanity, lots of local volunteers for materials and labor.  Please visit the web site and help this worthy cause: www.homesforourtroups.org.   This is a picture of Joey receiving his right leg the day before the wedding. 


The older gentleman in the back is Tom Porter, a double amputee who comes to encourage the soldiers. He stook for 30 seconds with lots of help and a crutch.  I asked him how he felt and he replied, "It felt funny and it was painful."  So, Dec. 30th was the first day he stood since Oct. 27th...Monday, tomorrow, he is back to therapy all day.  His day starts at 6 a.m. with medicine and doctors visiting,  7:30 with breakfast, bath and dress, down to therapy at 10 a.m., lunch is 12 to 1, then to occupational therapy 1pm till 3 or 4, back to bed to rest, supper at 5:30, phone calls and visitations till bedtime.  In the meantime, he has interviews with media and lots of visitors to squeeze in.  I will let you know the followup on his left leg tomorrow after Dr. Hampton check it.  Thank you for your love and support.  Keep praying for us.
Love, Joey & Jayme & Gail (Mom Bozik)
Below are pictures from the Wedding:
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