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Staff Sergeant James Alford - Update

Support Recruiter Threatened At Seattle Central Community College

By now, everyone has heard of the horrible behavior on the part of some community college students in Washington state.  They tore up recruiting brochures, threatened recruiters, and stopped recruiting on campus for security reasons.

[Nice going, threatening the very guys that are protecting your right to act like @$$holes to protest.]

Jeff C., a retired Marine, copied me on an email that he sent to the recruiter from the photo, Sergeant First Class Jeff Due, and his entire chain of command:

From this retired United States Marine to SFC Jeff Due:

You are a GREAT AMERICAN! Caught the photo of you standing up to those Seattle Central Community College panty waists. As Chesty Puller said at Chosin Reservoir, "So they've got us surrounded. Good! Now we can fire in any direction. Those bastards won't get away this time!"

Chin up Jeff! You are a good man in a noble profession. Better pickins' elsewhere.  Guys like you are responsible for recruiting the greatest Land Army the world has ever seen. I'd be proud to serve with you any day. Thank you so much for the job you do. God Bless! Hooah! Arrrugah!

Marine Rifleman (In Repose)

You, too, can email Sergeant First Class Jeff Due and let him know that he is doing a great service for his country and that he displayed the utmost professionalism in the most stressful of situations.  He did the right thing by leaving instead of beating about 120 candy-asses into the ground responding to the threats.  You may want to copy SFC Due's chain of command - Lieutenant Colonel Barrowman and Command Sergeant Major Montgomery.