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Good Writing From The Main Stream Media

Below are a few examples of some great military stories from the MSM.

1.  Sus found this Portland (Maine) Press Herald article at Stryker Brigade News (one of my favorite MilBlogs):

Warm farewell tour

...Inside are boxes of Crayola crayons, plastic bags stuffed with sunglasses and enough candy - strawberry Twizzlers, Wonka Bottlecaps, peppermint Life Savers - to take on an army of young Kurdish children. All of it came from the people back home in Maine.

Jansen picks up a pack of Twizzlers and smiles.

"Ammunition," he says.

The first stop: Sharokian Village, a hamlet of 80 families, or 400-plus people, about 20 minutes from FOB Round Top.

From a distance, one building stands out among the rest: a one-story structure with a slightly pitched metal roof perched on a newly graded gravel clearing above the village houses.

It's Sharokian Village's new health clinic.

Waiting to greet the visitors is Muhammad Sheroky, 47, the village chief. He takes them on a tour of the clinic, explaining through an interpreter how the soldiers built the basic structure - a waiting room, two examining rooms, office and storage space, a bathroom - and installed the generator, the electrical wiring and the plumbing.

The Americans then hired Sheroky and his fellow villagers to finish the walls with gypsum and paint and to install the blue porcelain tile floors.

Over the main door to the clinic, side by side, hang colored computer printouts of two flags. One is American. The other is Kurdish.

"Come," Sheroky says to his visitors, motioning toward his house below. "The tea is ready."

He sits cross-legged on his immaculate Persian rug while his 15-year-old son, Gaylan, scurries from guest to guest with small glasses of sweet, piping hot tea. Outside, the village is quiet, tranquil.

It wasn't always that way.

It happened in 1989, on the heels of the Iraq-Iran war. One day, without warning, Saddam Hussein's troops rolled up the winding road in tanks. They announced over a loudspeaker that the residents of Sharokian Village had five minutes to leave - if they stayed, they would be killed.

Five minutes later, the tanks leveled the village...

You can read the whole article here.

2.  Tim Chavez of the Tennessean has an article about the Warrior Caste  - Among our warriors, the passions are peace and freedom.

3.  Chris M. sends this tribute (of sorts) from the New York Times.  Yes, I know you can't believe that I just linked to the NYfreakin'Times...the story wasn't written by the editorial staff.