Aiding and Abetting the Enemy
Should've Been Fifteen...


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Most of you have probably read Orwell's Animal Farm.  Remember this line?

"Some pigs are more equal than others."

It is always interesting to me to see the failings of the left - those so-called champions of the downtrodden, those self-proclaimed fighters for good...

Why is it that it's the guys on the left that are almost always on the take?

I'm talking about the Kos-sack.  I was not surprised to find that he was paid $3000 per month to be a hack for the Dean campaign.  I am surprised at the utter lack of indignation on anyone's part on the left.  There's nothing.

The Kos-sack can be bought.

I've often thought about the good that I could do for our wounded and our military if I had the Kos-sack's readership level.  Some days, he has one hundred times the amount of visitors of Blackfive.

Then, again, after his readers attempts at trying to cheat in the 2004 Weblog Awards, maybe he doesn't have that many readers and someone is boosting his numbers digitally.

But that's what happens when you shake hands with the devil.  Everything becomes an argument about relevancy and areas that are grey.

And did the Kos-sack do anything for anyone but himself?

Ask Howard Dean.

And ask yourself everytime you hear about one of his articles, "Who's paying him now?"