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Captain Daniel Gade Needs Your Help

Captain Daniel Gade was injured on January 10, 2005 at approximately 3:53 pm Iraqi time when an Improvised Explosive Device detonated near his vehicle.

Through the heroic efforts of a great many soldiers, he is now safely back in the United States and has been at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC since January 13th. He is fighting hard for his life.

On Monday, doctors had to remove his leg to save his life.  The Iraqi bacterias are resistant to many anti-biotics and are causing havoc with the Captain.

Captain Gade is married to Wendy (Williams) and they have a three year old daughter, Anna-Grace.  His family is asking for your prayers (notice the fourth prayer request?).  Here is an email from a friend:

-Pray for restoration of his kidneys.
-Pray for control of his infection. He has bacteria in his blood and in his wounds.
-Pray against any blood clots.
-Pray for his men in Iraq as they continue their missions without the man who led them for the last 2 years.
-Pray for wisdom for the doctors.

Friends and warriors- I will keep you posted as I know anything- please feel free to go to a website for Daniel and leave a message for the family- the site is .

So, please check out the log book for Walter Reed and let them know you are praying/thinking of them.