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Warrior's Last Request - We Need Your Help!

Please help with this one.

Damn, just damn.  Specialist David Mahlenbrock was killed by an IED on December 3rd in Kirkuk, Iraq.

I received this email via Soldier's Angels.  It's from David's Squad in Bravo, 65th Engineers and they are forwarding a request from David.  It appears that David had a special letter sent to his squad in the event of his death.  Hold on to your seats, folks:

Dear 1st Squad,

    If you’re reading this, then I’ve died for our country.  I just hope it wasn’t for nothing.

     After the IED went off yesterday, I wanted to write this in case something happens to me.  There are a few more letters that I’d like you to give my wife and family.

     I’d like to have a military funeral, but, if you can work please make sure that Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” is played at the ceremony in addition to the bagpipes. If they won’t let it happen, that’s ok, thanks for trying…...

     I know that all the belongings I have here will go to Melissa, but there are a few more things I’d like for you guys to make sure she gets.  I have a dog tag w/ our picture on it along w/ some pictures and an American flag in my left breast pocket.  There is also a can that says “Son” on it that Melissa’s parents gave me that I’d like for them to have, and that angel stone should go to her grandma and grandpa Snow.

     Now if I died w/ blue eyes (one blew that way and one blew the other way) and there’s nothing really left of me, that’s ok, I know you meant well.

     Alright, enough with the dead guy’s last request, there’s a lot of thank you’s I wanna say to you fellas……

Specialist David Mahlenbrock will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary on Wednesday, December 15th at 10AM EST.  David's family and friends are asking radio stations to play Toby Keith's "American Soldier" on the 15th at 1pm EST with a dedication to Specialist David Mahlenbrock.

Let's see what we can do.  Email or call the radio stations in your area and ask them to play this dedication to David.  Feel free to copy this post to send to them.

The biggest and best country music station in the world is here in Chicago (US 99).  I'm calling them and others right now.

(Smash provides a link to find country radio stations in your area)

Update:  Here's an article from David's hometown newspaper - there's funeral and donation information, as well as a part about Soldiers Angels efforts to get radio stations to play "American Soldier" for David.

You can send condolences to David's family at:

Inglesby-Givnish Funeral Home

600 E. Main St.

Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Update December 14:  We have an answer from Toby Keith.